Riccardo Ancona

Riccardo Ancona (Rome, 1997) is a composer, improviser, creative coder, and music writer based in the Netherlands. He is involved in a set of practices such as acousmatic music, live coding, experimental theatre, gestural improvisation, curatorship, and critical writing.

After being involved in the East Rome experimental music milieu, he graduated at CREA (Research Centre for Audiovisual Processing) with a thesis on the creative potentialities of live coding. He currently lives in Den Haag, where he is doing a research master at the Institute of Sonology exploring the perception of sonic materialities in process-based composition. He works as a sound designer and performer for theatre shows, museums, archeological sites, and galleries. Interested in divulgation and pedagogy of electroacoustic music, he writes articles, teaches privately, and curates Mossa Records.