Riccardo Ancona

Gesturalia (2021-ongoing)

Improvisational performance dealing with the relationship between embodied and sonic gestures. The performer traces movements in the space with their hands to produce and process sounds.

The act of morphing by hands an ungraspable, immaterial matter produces concrete sensorial events, questioning the notion of tangibility and the consistency of our experiences. A disciplined vocabulary of movements interacts with a dynamic system designed to produce uncertainty and provoke unpredictable perceptual shifts. The outcome is a constant dialectic between the performer and a combinatorial set of possibilites.

Live coding workshops (2018-ongoing)

With the aim of expanding the knowledge about live coding, creative coding, computational creativity, and algorithmic music, a series of workshops and masterclasses have been organized in collaboration with Francesco Corvi , taking place in contexts such as Contemporary Cluster art gallery (Rome), WeSa Festival (Seoul), Institute of Sonology (Den Haag), Svitava co-working (Brno), Bučeni Festival (Lubná, Czechia).

De Rerum Natura (2018-ongoing)

Sound design and live electronics for “De Rerum Natura”, a play directed by Paolo Musio. Performed in several theatres and archeological sites including Musei Capitolini, Parco Archeologico dell'Appia Antica (Rome) and Arena del Sole (Bologna).

Excerpts of the epic-didactic poem of Lucretius are declaimed in Latin and Italian over a granular-textural soundscape, depicting an atomistic conception of reality. The live sound tries to produce a psychological space where the original doctrines of De Rerum Natura can be inspected in depth: epicurean philosophy, ancient physicalism, theory of perception, natural sciences, and atheism.

Quintet (2020)

Algorithmic audiovisual installation with Nesso for WeSa Festival (Seoul, South Korea), in collaboration with Umanesimo Artificiale.

Quintet is an ensemble of algorithmic virtual instruments based on acoustic physical models. The installation consists of a real time recording of live coded articulations of the instruments, placed in a binaural immersive sonic environment; the data of the algorithms is used as a real-time input for several forms of sonic visualization.

Albania 1997 (2018-2019)

Experimental documentary realized with Francesco Corvi.

Albania 1997 reconstructs the historical events of 1997 Albanian civil war caused by a major economic breakdown. The tragic events, portrayed by heavily processing archival sounds and images from television news, are counterpointed by elaborations of traditional Albanian polyphonic folk singing. Rather than giving a linear narrative, events are shown from a psychic perspective where representation and imagination overlap.

I Mille Nomi di Fermi (2018)

Sound design for I Mille Nomi di Fermi , an educational sound walk at the Physics Department of La Sapienza University of Rome, directed by Marcello Cava.

While exploring the artifacts of pioneering research of XXth century physics, the audience listens to a recording in which professors explain the relevance of Fermi's achievement; a minimalist sound design enhances the didactic content.

Octavia: una tragedia romana (2017-2018)

Sound design, soundtrack and live electronics for Octavia: una tragedia romana , a theatre play in motion, directed by Marcello Cava and performed in several archeological sites (Pompeii, Palatine, Imperial Forums, Trajan Markets, Musei Capitolini).

Adapted from a tragedy probably written by Seneca, the play requires the movement of the audience through the archeological site; headphones and wireless transmitters are employed to listen to the actors and the music. The soundtrack is performed while following the audience during their walk.

Hyperfocus (2018)

Aleatoric performance for house concerts and small venues (public premiere at PoverArte Festival, Bologna).

Hyperfocus is a combinatorial piece that involves algorithms and chance techniques (including the rolling of die) to actualize meditative spaces. It is composed of several layers: poetry, field recordings, microtonal tones, electroacoustic fragments. The aim of the performance is to produce silence by accident, without imposing it. The contemplative behavior of the performance explores liminal thresholds of attentions, seeking for a slow, yet constant movement between states of awareness.

Mezzo Secolo – 68slogan/Slowgame18 (2018)

Intermedial performance at Municipal Gallery of Modern Art of Rome, directed by philosopher Giuliano Compagno.

68slogan/Slowgame18 was a commemorative sonic dramaturgy for the anniversary of 50 years since the 1968 political and cultural uprising. It included live electronics, instrumental improvisation, theatrical fragments, and poems, performed through the gallery with Vittorio Montalti, Aureliano Amadei, Tiziana Lo Conte, Altrimenti, Nicola Boccardi, and Susanna Garcia.

La Peste allo Spallanzani (2017)

Sound design and soundtrack for La Peste, a theatre play in movement, directed by Marcello Cava at Lazzaro Spallanzani Hospital (Rome).

Adapted from Albert Camus' novel, La Peste tells the story of an Algerian city experiencing an epidemic plague. The audience follows a path through the hospital, while listening to a pre-recorded acousmatic play of text and music. During their walk, they encounter artifacts, symbols, and actors performing part of the play. The music was entirely composed at the hospital, trying to give an expressionist, dramatic rendition of the tragic condition of plague. Interestingly, this play happened way before we actually experienced a pandemic global condition: what on small scale was the story of the city of Oran, it became our large scale reality.

Orfico (2017)

Curatorship of a series of artistic events organized by Scomodo collective, a self-financed unorthodox magazine of culture and politics.

Events included live electronics, performances, dj sets, slam poetry, and mixed-media art exhibitions taking place in Rome in a variety of places ranging from squats to museums (Città dell'Altra Economia, SpinTime Labs, MaXXI Museum).

Prof. Bad Trip – a saucerful of colours (2016)

Sonorization and live performance of a retrospective art exhibition of painter Gianluca Lerici (Prof. Bad Trip) at Palazzo Velli (Rome)

Ten years after Prof. Bad Trip's passing away, Tabularasa Teké Gallery (Carrara) organized a large exhibition of 3d-sensitive paintings by the visionary artist, complemented by sonorizations, dj sets, and live performances by Italian musicians such as Faetal B, La Bestia, Paolo Schiamazzi, and ubiK.

AltaRoma AltaModa (2014)

Sound installation for AltaRoma 2014 at the Accademia di Costume e Moda (Rome).

In the context of a large festival presenting emerging talents of fashion design, an exposition of accessories was installed in the Fashion Academy of Rome. Paired with the accessories, an audiovisual installation realized by professor Luigi Mulas Debois was presented to enforce the concept of the collection. The sound employed concrete sounds and electronic processes inspired by the collection's moodboard.

Un Segno Aperto (2011)

Soundtrack for “Un segno aperto 1980 - 2012”, a documentary by Silvia D’Ortenzi for the art exhibition La Transavanguardia Italiana by Achille Bonito Oliva at Palazzo Reale (Milan).

The exhibition reconstructs an Italian art tendency of the 80s, defined by Achille Bonito Oliva "Transavanguardia", including painters such as Mimmo Paladino, Enzo Cucchi, and Sandro Chia. The exposition includes a documentary with a minimal and simple soundtrack.